White Lion – All Best 80s / 90s Hair Metal Ballads And Songs

It seems that White Lion was one of the most hated hard rock/hair metal bands in 80s/90s decade. From today’s perspective it might appear a bit funny, because actually their visual image and “syrupy” lyrics were not liked by “true” metals in that days. Nevertheless, the vocals and music in overall are on very high level and actually most of today’s mainstream rock bands are real crap if they are compared to White Lion – but it is only my personal and subjective opinion.

White Lion

5 Greatest White Lion Songs

Hey, I decided to refresh a ‘3/5 Greatest … Ballads’ series that was begun with Def Leppard songs almost 1,5 year ago.

White Lion

Song Of The Week #69 White Lion – Broken Heart

I should wrote this article yesterday, but I was celebrating my birthday. This time, I’m going to present another sad song but with small pinch of optimism, 🙂 White Lion – Broken Heart White...

White Lion

Best From… White Lion – Pride (1987)

I still have problems with my hosting – I don’t know what’s goin’ on, but I hope that blog will come back to normality. I’m very busy with my school and another web projects,...