Song Of The Week #150 Dokken – The Hunter

‘Dokken’ band was formed in 1978 in glam metal cradle – Los Angeles. Don Dokken released his first song thanks to participation in Scorpions’ ‘Blackout‘ album recording in Germany. In 1979 he recorded his first EP -’Back in the Streets‘ with 6 songs.


6 Greatest Dokken Songs

Dokken is my favorite glam metal band and I have mentioned about this band many times on this blog but I think that it’s not enough, so I prepared a short list of my...


5 Craziest Glam Metal Videos

It was horrible difficult to choose only 5 videos. I hope that this selection will show variety of glam metal style. I guided primarily by originality and unique effects. #1 Quiet Riot – The...


Band Of The October ’10 – Dokken

There’s a special day today – 10/10/10, and I’d like to describe one of my three favorite bands. Furthermore I’ve decided to replace a big amount of text with more videos, I hope that...

George Lynch

George Lynch

George Lynch isn’t categorically my favorite guitarist, but his achievements in hard rock/heavy metal music are evident.


Song Of The Week #6 Dokken – Dream Warriors

“Dream Warriors” is one of my favorite songs and videos. Song was recorded for A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors in 1986 and released in 1987. Dokken – Dream Warriors (Official Music...