Band Of The June ’10 – Quiet Riot

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17 Responses

  1. jacksparrow007 says:

    had never heard of this band…will try them

  2. mechulkalan says:

    they seem interesting and i will try them

  3. snailman says:

    very nice.

  4. Swift says:

    that baby is gonna kill the guys nose

  5. solehinamin says:

    looks good

  6. msaadn says:

    A different kind of metal perhaps.

  7. MiST says:

    “Cum On Feel The Noize”, “Metal Health” and “The Wild And The Young”, are my favourite songs.

  8. dirge says:

    I like the old style clip of Cum On Feel The Noize, awesome

  9. jsw says:

    like the style

  10. xweirdonex says:

    very nice.

  11. MICHELLE says:

    the genre im born with.

  12. kratos89 says:

    havent heard of them before. lookslike something i might like

  13. bloodkiddie says:

    lets check how it is any way thanks for the share

  14. lamb0fg0d says:

    Awesome band 🙂

  15. someone. says:

    I wish they weren’t resolved! ):

  16. you put plane crush,it’s actually plane crash due to the coked up bus driver flying a plane and taking Randy from the world!

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