What is Glam Metal?

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16 Responses

  1. jacksparrow007 says:

    whew! dint know all this..thanks 🙂

  2. snailman says:

    nice info.

  3. Swift says:

    So that’s what glam metal is. very useful !

  4. solehinamin says:

    thx 4 share

  5. msaadn says:

    This is new to me as well. Nice info.

  6. MiST says:

    Crazy buy koooool

  7. dirge says:

    thanks i’m gonna look into this

  8. xweirdonex says:

    thanks for info

  9. MICHELLE says:

    metal still lives.

  10. kratos89 says:

    Frankly speaking never heard of the genre before but looks good

  11. lamb0fg0d says:

    glam metal? i think i’ve heard another band before. good stuff

  12. someone. says:

    Oh. I still listen to Ozzy Osbourne. Although I think I like Ratt a tad better. xD

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